Peltaco oy, a Finnish manufacturer and retailer, provides fire, rescue and occupational safety products and services. The company started the business in the fire and rescue market in 1986 when three firemen decided to start the business.

Finnish know-how in education and in innovations is highly appreciated around the world. Peltaco’s Mission is safety and we have always valued innovative thinking and doing when serving our customers in public and private sectors. 

The company has developed many products and technologies in co-operation with fire departments, military, educational centers and hospitals. The products are developed to secure personal, professional and environmental safety.

We have solutions for oil truck accidents, hazmat-disasters, animal rescue cases, traffic accidents and natural disasters.

Peltaco aims, for the coming years, a steady growth with our great products and services. National as well as international. This growth is accomplished in close cooperation with our customers, the knowledge of our own personnel and an open mind for new and innovative products.

What do we do?

  • Fire and Rescue Equipment.
  • Fire Safety and Environmental Safety Equipment (oil and chemical protection).
  • Occupational Safety.
  • Maintenance Services (fire safety in properties: maintenance of fire-extinguishers, smoke vents, fire hydrants, civil shelters, fall arrest inspections and radiometer inspections).
  • Rescue Planning Services.
  • Education and Training Services (Hot Work, Occupational Safety, Work-at-height, Fire Safety, Awareness, First Aid and Common Safety Training).
  • A webstore (Peltacoshop.com) and a store in Kuopio, Finland.

Nowadays, Peltaco is a well-known expert in fire and rescue equipment as well as occupational safety. With our well-known, professional partners and suppliers around the world, we will provide an elevated level of customer service. Our professional staff will always look for the best solution. We are constantly looking for new products and partners so we can keep our high level of service and offer our customers the best products in the market.

After 30 years Peltaco has built a wide and diverse customer base. We serve:

  • Private Companies like building services, hotels etc.
  • Emergency services
  • Industrial plants
  • Mining companies
  • Public sector like hospitals, schools, military and prisons.
  • Private customers
  • Farms
  • Universities and college’s

The co-operation between us and our customer has already resulted in new products. 

Product Design

Peltaco has several innovation and R&D projects like:

  • Karpet - products for prevention of dangerous substances, developed with the Emergency Services College, Kuopio.
  • Sami Response - solution for the controlled recovery of oil spills from the surface and soil.
  • Animal rescue - professional equipment and training for pet, domesticated and wild animal rescues to provide safety and prevent accidents of the rescue personnel.
  • Hydrocopter – a rescue vessel designed for rescues on water and ice
  • Jussi board – a new designed two-piece rescue board for car accidents and confined spaces

Peltaco is a member of the association of Finnish Suppliers of Labour Safety Equipment (STYL), the association of Fire-fighting Enterprises in Finland (SPLY) and the association of Extinguisher Maintenance Companies (PTLL). These memberships will keep us informed on future developments in our line of business. Peltaco is also authorized by TUKES (the Safety and Technology Authority in Finland) to conduct maintenance and inspection work on hand extinguishers and radiometers.

The coming years Peltaco wants to grow not just inside of Finland. Our international ambitions are high. We want to serve new customers abroad with our services and products.


Peltaco Oy
Kartanonkatu 6, 70700 Kuopio, Finland
Tel. +358 44 368 4000 / Customer service

E-mail. trade@peltaco.com

Mrs Tarja Vartiainen
Financial Director / Foreign Trade
Tel. +358 44 368 4009


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